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Phone Jockey In The House...

I work as a 411 operator. And I thought this community was an excellent idea- cuz there are SO many people bombarded by idiots everyday, and I thought I'd share a little.

Contrary to popular belief- I do not live in your town, most likely. Or your phone. I do not know where that drugstore on the corner is beside the Wal Mart, nor do I know that it's been there for 40 years. I also do not have any way of looking up how long a listing has been in our computer, nor can I tell you how long someone has lived at that address (yes, people ask).

And I type extremely fast, and look up things by area code. So no, I am not an idiot because I don't know what county that particular Citgo is in, 6 states over from me. I only have access to city information, not county information. Why? There are a gazillion counties throughout the US with the same names, and that also applies to cities. So, area codes tend to win out in the end, one could say.

My favorite customer, is the one who calls with bare minimum to no information. "I'm looking for a bait shop. I'm not sure what city it's in. Or the name. But it's in South Carolina." O.o

And if I can't find it, and you deem me incompatent, I'll be more than happy to get a supervisor to assist you. Then, you can think he's incompatent, because he can't find it either. It's called a database- if it's not in there, I can't find it. Period. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That means it's not in our database. The call center fields close to 100,000 calls a DAY- we ain't flipping through the yellow pages here, folks.

Anywho- yeah. I really don't dislike my job, really. It' the idiocy of the public that gets my goat. Even though I've come to expect it.

On that note.... time to bake the donuts. Cheers.

~Much Love
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