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Stupid Car Sales Lady.......

This weekend (ah-the post that inspired the creation of this community, i hadn't yet gotten a chance to post it) there was a car sales promotion running at the mall. From mid week sometime to Sunday they had sectioned off a section of the parking lot and set it up like a mini car lot. All week the workers there had been coming up to the foodcourt and ordering large orders for lunch and dinner. We were giving them the 10% that any other mall employees received, and it was pretty good bussiness for a slow week.

Well, i work several places in the St. Louis Mills mall foodcourt as a shift manager (all under the same company- foodbrand)and last Sunday i was working at Popeyes.

A man came up to order 12 wings, 10 strips and a large red beans and rice. Now, most popeyes run wing specials, however, we are at a mall. Our prices are higher and we are the select store that doesn't participate in popeyes specials. Sometimes we run our own, but not right now we aren't. Wings are a pain in the ass, because we are always running out, even selling them at regular price. It is amazing how many people will buy a three wing meal for almost seven dollars. So, now wings specials means if he wants 12 wings he has to pay for a regular 12 piece chicken, and he is lucky that we even have the wings up, as you can imagine the mall is hells busy on the weekends.

So, i explained to him that 12 wings (a very small peice of chicken) would be the same exact price as if he got it mixed- about 14 dollars. My casheir rung him up, and his total was like 28 something. He only had 20 dollars so he got rid of the strips all together and his total come out to 19 something.

It turns out he worked at the car sales, a fact he never mentioned and he was not wearing a car sales shirt, so this was also a conclusion that we couldn't have reached on our own. About a half hour later i got a phone call from an angry woman.

She told me how redictulous paying 14 dollars for 12 wings was, saying she should get more chicken. I explained to her that the prices were clearly listed and we don't run wing specials. I told her i had clearly explained the price and the order to the man that picked it up. She said he was an idiot, and it was her money. What could i say? It isn't my fault that she sent someone who didn't know what to get to get food. I told her i would gladly refund the wings if she brought them back up, and she told me they were half eaten, that shge hadn't realized how much he had paid until just now. I told her i would be happy to refund whatever wasn't eaten, if she had 6 wings left i would give her 7 dollars. She irratatedly told me she didn't want a refund she wanted more chicken, the wings had been quickly eaten. So basically she ordered chicken, ate it, then checked the price and decided she thought she deserved more chicken, even though the prices are listed and explained to the man who ordered. I told her i couldn't just give her more chicken just because she was unhappy about the price, they are listed, so, he knew the price before he ordered, and he knew exactly what he was ordering. She was cussing and being extreamly ride, and i was, a side from being a little taken aback that someone would actually complain when it is so obviously not my fault, polite as always. Once i slowly explained exactly why i couldn't just give her more chicken because the store had not made an error at all, she seemed flustered. "So, you're telling me you're not gonna fix this, is this what you're telling me?"
I said, "I am saying that this isn't our error to fix, mam." She said she was gonna go above my head, and i invited her to, telling her we have a customer complaint hotline cards sitting out by the register and that was a direct link to coorperate. She said she was gonna call anouther popeyes and complain, she didn't want a fucking survey, she also said she threatened me saying she was gonna spread a bad word about popeyes all through the cars sales. I told her we were a different company, and the number if not just a survey, it is a complaint line, but she wouldn't listen. She started insulting me telling me i was too young to be a manager. "I'm sorry you feel that way, mam." I am 20 years old, about 6 months younger then my assistant manager, and we are the only managers at popeyes right now. So, i gave her Shayla's name, and invited her to complain tommorrow when Shayla worked. She never came back, so chances are she ignored me and called the other popeyes.

What an idiot, i did nothing wrong. Just because you don't like the prices doen't mean you are entitled to more chicken after you have eaten what you have, and cussing and insulting and threatning are not helping, beleive it or not, bitch.
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Dumbass. People never cease to amaze me...nobody refunds money for half-eaten food. But when I worked at Penny's many moons ago, they had a no fault, no receipt returns policy. And people brought in their damn dirty clothes to exchange. O.o I'm telling you, you haven't seen the ugly side of folks until you've worked in customer service.
~Much Love
That sucks.

But that's making me want some hot wings.

And i'll understand the prices and be quite nice.