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Ask me again, Bitch, i dare you!

OMG. I am a shift, and there is this older guy that works with me, a real dirtball, he is missing half his teeth and he has a really creepy vibe that some of the younger girls have even approached me about and i gave them advice on how to avoid it and told them if they felt uncomfertable again that i would have to talk to him, which would be terribly unconfertable for me. Anyways- he wants to be a shift but he is so full of shit, and he thinks he is a great employee but he doesn't know how to do everything and he already bosses other people around.

Anyway- he is the most annoying person to work with. When i am packing for him and he catches his line up instead of helping me catch up he goes to the back. I have talked to him about that shit before, and he is not improving and he asked me questions when i am busy and with customer and i tell him i will get to him in a minute and he asks several more times before i am done with the customers (hince the subject of the post).

The other day i worked a 12-close so my crew opened without a mananger and he clocked in a half hour early, at like 8:30, we don't open until 11 and from 11-12 we had two customers and his fucking prep work wasn't done. He didn't even do enough to get us through the day. When i asked him why he didn't make cole slaw it he rolled his eyes at first and said he did everything else, when i looked and saw he hadn't doine shit i asked him again and he said he helped count cash, so basically he sat in the office while the sbarros manager counted cash, did very minumum prep (not even enough for the lunch rush), and sat on his ass on my clock. Well, i am sure glad he clocked in early for that shit. But i yelled at him for it.

He also gossips like a little idiot. Fuck you, Brian. You suck.
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